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Step into your Power!

Shift your energy and transform your life!

Alefiyah helps empaths, healers and spiritual seekers release and heal emotional and physical pain. Using her energy intuition skills, and over 20 years of experience in psychotherapy, Alefiyah guides her clients on how to LISTEN to their intuition, RELEASE energy blockages and ALLOW for healing.

People seek her out to get to the root of their physical and emotional issues that don’t seem to be getting better. She has the ability to ask the right questions, assess your needs very quickly and help you make an energetic shift that is very palpable to happen.


"I cannot make you happy, but I can commit to support you in the creation of your own happiness"

Yung Pueblo


We work together through cognitive-behavioral and energy therapies to identify the root cause and release energy blockages so your energy is fully flowing and you live the life you are meant to live. Here are some examples of transformation you can expect.

Financial freedom

Relief from physical and emotional pain

Balance feminine, masculine and Kundalini energies

More joy

A deeper understanding of your true self

Trauma release

Energy alignment of mind, body and spirit


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