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Alefiyah is very intuitive, she could feel into my energy system, ask the right questions, and get right to the heart of the matter. During the session, I was guided through some energy techniques. At the end, she gave me very practical and to-the-point things I could do right away in daily life, which proved to be a perfect fit for my situation. So even one session was tremendously valuable to me.

----Dave W (US)

My meeting with Alefiyah was very pleasant and valuable. She was sensitive and able to easily notice issues with all parts of the body that had issues. and then she was very respectful, open to feedback, and worked together using a sharing process to reach diagnostics and conclusions. I highly value spending time with her, am grateful to her, and will recommend her highly. It will probably benefit you as it benefited me.

-----Arie (Israel)

I was astonished by the accuracy of Alefiyah's reading. She nailed 6 of 6 areas in my body that either are currently or historically been physically challenging. She picked everything from a random ear problem to a biopsy done three decades ago. She also provided very helpful advice regarding a current chronic pain situation. I highly recommend using her services.

----Julie (USA)

Alefiyah was kind and generous with her time and talents. A lovely discussion spontaneously flourished following the initial tuning in process and I completed the session with insight and tools for further exploration. I would encourage anyone who feels drawn to explore medical intuition with Alefiyah.


----Tai (USA)

My session with Alefiyah was amazing.  I had an expectation of what it would be like but it actually turned out to be much different and way better than I expected.  It spanned from physical things all the way to beliefs and how it all fit in.  She helped me to question some things and see them in a new and better way.  I left the session feeling I don't know what just happened but it was wonderful!!!!!  Thank you Alefiyah!  I am so grateful for what you did for me!

-----Paula (Florida)

I have worked twice with Alefiyah using EFT and have found her to be sensitive, practical, and very helpful. Since then I had a session with Alefiyah in her role as a medical intuitive consultant. Again we were able to resolve some emotional blocks I had been unable to work through on my own. Remarkably she also intuited that I had a health issue with my lungs which I had no sense of. That is until I woke up that night with the onset of what turned out to be bronchitis!

----Paul H (UK)

I really loved my session with Alefiyah. I had been having terrible and regular headaches and the session really helped. I felt really held and seen, the tapping work we did during the session released something significant and I feel the follow up suggestions have helped with the headaches and I still use them. Thank you.’


----Heather (Australia)

Wow, this is a top therapist. I’ve seen many therapists in my life, but this one is up there - very compassionate and knowledgeable, great listener and right there with you the whole time.

----Janine (Florida)

Alefiyah has been my therapist for seven years. I had two therapists before her who were not right for me. What differentiates Alefiyah is her talent for meeting total understanding of what I'm describing with practical techniques. I find it useful to bounce even seemingly small issues off of her because she offers surprising interpretations, the bird's eye view to connect to things we've discussed before, and validation I didn't know I needed.


---- Sylvana (Illinois)

Alefiyah is a kind, compassionate, and talented healer. She listens closely and has a strong intuitive sense of what is needed in the moment. I would highly recommend working with her!


-----Sky (Brazil)

Within two minutes, without knowing me beforehand and online, Alefiyah tuned into my system and told me a list of all my familiar issues, from emotional ones like self-worth to highly specific physical ones like shoulder joints! I don't know what magic this is, but the only problem was not knowing which issue to work on first! This combination of high intuitiveness with decades of therapy experience made for a session that felt as if we were interacting on both a physical/mind level and a level beyond it. Basically, she's a therapist who can know what's going on with you without even words, which is so helpful for the many nebulous embodied things that don't have them.


----Lei (Iowa)

I have been able to get my life back on track since my session with Alefiyah Lindo.  By looking back into the traumas carried over from my parents and growing-up in a home where tension from their past traumas was palpable, I have been able to release myself and them from the continued carriage of these experiences (some known and some unknown) causing me to feel inadequate in real-life situations.  I went from a frown to a smile in our session and that is carrying over now to normal challenges in daily living.  I truly recommend Alefiyah to anyone who wants to explore and connect with their issues in a new way. 

-----Bob M (Maryland)

Following a year of bereavement therapy, coordinated by community hospice care when my mother transitioned, I was in search of connecting with a licensed Mental Health Professional. By way of searching Psychology Today for references of an LSCW contact, I found Alefiyah Lindo. Since our first moment of hello, Alefiyah has been a steady connection of calm, patience, and intuitive prowess in helping me navigate some of my greatest challenges throughout grief, relationship boundaries, and learning self-care. Her professional openness and unique capacity to hone in on my needs have evolved my lifepath with healing and hope in ways beyond words. I hold Alefiyah in the highest regard with my best recommendation for those who resonate with her dedicated approach.

----DMP (Illinois)

First of all, I felt really comfortable and relaxed talking to her during the sessions. I felt the scan and the view she had to offer really matched the things that had been happening with me at that time.
About opening to receive.. just right on. 40 years working and giving and few times receiving… that was a problem I had to resolve and decide. Start receiving … now. Lol

Even after, during my meditation sessions I’ve realized that I wasn’t ready to absorb and receive, and that made my staying in meditation uncomfortable. Amazing.

----Gilberto (Brazil)

You have "promoted engagement within our family to enable a continued healthy relationship between me and my kids." Also, your insight and guidance has fostered communication with my kids allowing our relationship to remain intact - unlike isolating kids from me, as a parent, which is too prevalent today within family relationships. You have been able to suggest positive ways to engage kids, such as getting them to think about situations and choices, without putting them on the defensive.  You have provided communication skills for me as a parent without making the kids "run and hide" and isolate themselves. Also, you have had great suggestions for our "blended" family!  Working with the whole family as a group as well as on an individual basis has proved valuable.  Your ability to keep confidences while helping direct us has promoted trust between us...and you!


-----Kim (Illinois)

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