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Alefiyah Lindo, LCSW

About Me

I am a Mind-Body-Energy Intuitive, and I access other aspects of my being than just my mind. I use a Holistic and Non-Dual approach. My practice includes highly effective techniques, intuitive guidance, and almost 20 years of experience as a psychotherapist. Finding Buddhism and doing a 10-day Vipassana Meditation in my early 20s started my spiritual journey. Early in my career in attachment and trauma work, I started incorporating mind-body techniques in my practice, like mindfulness-based stress reduction, breath work, yoga, etc., to help my clients decrease symptoms, as I encountered the limitations of talk therapy. Ten years ago, I learned about the Chakra energy system taught by Caroline Myss. Then as I reached a plateau, I discovered EFT, which was my entry into energy work, and pivotal for my healing journey. I also became fascinated by the lymphatic system and its connection to our physical and mental health. Our lymphatic system is closely connected to the energy meridians running throughout our body. During my study of energy medicine, teachers like Marie Manuchehri, Dr. Jennifer Vest, and Suzanne Giesemann have helped me become more skilled in my energy-intuitive abilities. I have an undergraduate degree from Purdue University, a master's degree from University of Illinois and I am a licensed therapist in Illinois.

My 20-year journey has allowed me to gain a deep understanding of many disciplines, and I am in a unique position to take all that training and create tailored care for my clients.


Every technique or skill I teach my clients is something I have personally used and found extremely helpful at some point in my life. And in a nutshell, I LOVE what I do!

Even though my ethnicity is Indian, it wasn’t until I was an adult and studied yoga and Ayurveda did I learn the meaning of Namaste, saying it with the posture of our hands together by our heart. It means “the light in me bows to the light in you.”

Namaste! 🙏🏾 


My Approach

  • Intuitive guidance and energy intuition that includes medical intuition

  • Holistic and Non-Dual 

  • EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique (aka Tapping)

  • Use of the lymphatic system and why it’s one of the most important systems in the body 

  • Our energy system includes energy centers, also known as Chakras, and how they are connected to the different parts of the body

  • Yoga, meditation, and nutrition 

  • Insight and direction

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