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We are made up of energy, and energy is meant to flow. Any issue, whether it is emotional or physical, including pain, is an issue with blockages in our energy system. Our bodies and emotions are constantly guiding us. 

We are all a Work-In-Progress. I believe that the purpose of our lives is to experience this journey to the best of our abilities. 


Emotions are like waves, and you don’t want to fight them. If you can feel them, you can release them. 


Clearing energy blockages (resistance) can profoundly affect our current efforts. You will gain deeper benefits from therapy, supplements, relationships, surgeries, workouts, etc. Without interference and resistance, you allow these modalities to work for you freely.  

Mind-Body-Energy Connection

Healing and the things in our highest good happen in a higher vibration. My goal is to help you raise your vibration by helping you release physical, emotional, and energetic blockages. There is a difference between being healed vs being cured. Healing happens when we release blockages. The body has the innate intelligence to work on curing itself once the obstacles are removed. 
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Emotional Freedom Techique (EFT)

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a technique to release negative & intrusive thoughts by tapping specific points on the body with spoken affirmations.

Energy/Medical Intuition

The ability to mentally scan one's body and read their energy to gather information on areas where energy may not be flowing freely.

Lymph Node Release

The lymphatic system is our waste management system. When there are blockages in our lymphatic system waste is not leaving our body and toxins can build up leading to disease.

Lymph Node Release

Tutorial on how to perform self-lymph node draining that can be done daily.
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